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Festival Sponsor Opportunities

Festival Sponsor Opportunities


Individual Sponsor Forms

 To download a sponsor form please click on the blue link above.

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for considering sponsoring the St. Michael's "Ol' Times Church Festival on the Key".  Our goal for this festival is to provide a day of fun for families and for the community, for friends to get together and reconnect and enjoy a relaxed and entertaining day.  Proceeds for the event will benefit the diocese Catholic outreach program and St. Michael's parish.  While we are doing our best to economically make this event a favorite activity in the surrounding community, the richness of the experience we can offer will only be improved with your assistance.  

Below are a list of festival expenses and activities that we need to cover, prior to the festival. Once we received the completed form and donation we will mark the item as "Sponsored!"  As you see from the list we have several necessary expenses but also some fun and rewarding experiences we are offering, they all add up to a great day for our community.

All Donations are tax deductible!

Road Side Banner $120 - Sponsored!

Road Side Banner $120

Road Side Banner $120

Event Permits $175

Security $325

Emergency Services $325

Kids Jump House $400

Kids Game Challenge $300

Kids Slide $400

Parent/Child Participation Games $200

Flower Pot Decoration & Gardening $110 - Sponsored!

Kids Wood Working Project $200

Tent $500

Tent $500

Tent $500

DJ/Entertainer $700

Auction Items - If you have new items that you would like to donate to our Festival Friday Auction Night we would love to have you donate it. 

Please contact: Roy Baker at:  jiggsbeer@aol.com  for information on where to drop off the auction item

Below are some baskets our team is making up, if you would like to participate financially we will purchase all of the items and our volunteers will build an enticing basket for the event. 

Auction Item - Lottery Ticket Basket $250

Auction Item - Whiskey Wagon $400

Auction Item - Family Movie Night $100 

Once again we thank you in advance for helping us create a great and memorable community event, the proceeds of which will benefit those in need and the St. Michael's parish!


Festival Sponsor Form

Please type how you would like us to represent your generous gift. Ex: Donated by the ABC company or by the Smith Family. If you would like to sponsor in memory of a loved one, Please state "In Memory of:"

Please make checks out to:

St. Michael the Archangel/CFA

Please send to:

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church
5394 Midnight Pass Road
Sarasota, FL 34242

Attn: Arlene

If you have any questions please email:

Jack Swiatkowski at theresejack.sw@gmail.com