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Church tricked into hosting satanic fashion show

A London church inadvertently hosted a satanic fashion show after renting their facility to a fashion designer who dabbles in the occult.

Is Pope Francis a heretic? Formal letter of correction made public

It has been made public that 62 members of the Catholic clergy and laity issued a correction to Pope Francis for what they say are seven heresies in ...

Elizabeth Warren - Another liberal hypocrite, scam artist exposed

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a member of the 1 percent. That is, the top one percent of wealthiest Americans who have made millions off the back of ...

50 years of Israeli occupation - enough is enough!

Fifty years is a long time to endure forced suffering.

Trump speech rocks the NFL, protests spread, but who's right?

A wave of protests has rocked the NFL and is spreading following President Trump's statement that players should stand for the national anthem. The ...

In the Kingdom of God No One is Unemployed

No one is "unemployed" when it comes to spreading the message of the Gospel, Pope Francis has said, because each one of us is called to take up the ...

Inspiring martyred Oklahoma priest officially beatified

Father Stanley Rother, an Oklahoma priest martyred in Guatemala, was beatified Saturday during a Mass in Oklahoma City attended by over 20,000 people.

Terrifying mass shooting at Nashville church leaves several injured (UPDATED)

A mass shooting at a Nashville church has left eight people injured, one fatally, Sunday morning.

It's time to regulate Facebook and other social media

Social media has become a massive industry, raking in tends of billions of dollars annually. More importantly, social media has usurped cable ...

North Korea threatens to test H-Bomb over Pacific

North Korea has suggested they may detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific as the war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un ...