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Celebrate Sunday Mass - 10.24.21

The video for Sunday's Mass will be available to watch on Sunday morning.

Faithful hope St. John Paul II will one day be declared a Doctor of the Church

Could St. John Paul II, whose feast day is celebrated on Oct. 22, one day be declared a Doctor of the Church?

Holy warriors of the Catholic Church: Templar artifacts discovered?

A major crusader camp has been unearthed in Israel, possibly used just prior to the decisive Battle of Hattin, in 1187.

'You Belong To The Future': Remembering Pope John Paul II's powerful words to the Youth

"Always be prepared to make a defence....for the hope that is in you."

Pope Emeritus Benedict says he is ready to die

Pope Emeritus Benedict is ready for his passing, according to a letter he wrote to a fellow priest. The Pontiff Emeritus is now 94 and resides in a Vatican monastery.

Just how bad is it going to get?

Everyone has a story by now, of how the shortages are affecting them. Is this temporary? When will it get better? How do we manage in these times?

3 wonderful prayers every wife needs to know for her husband

Husbands often face an unimaginable amount of pressure in life. They have a specific role to play in society, their family and in their church. There are times where they need their wife's help, and they will always need their support.

Celebrate Sunday Mass - 10.17.21

The video for Sunday Mass will be available to view on Sunday morning.

St. Padre Pio inspires One Million kids to Pray the Rosary

Children in South Sudan, Burma, and Lebanon have joined a worldwide initiative to get one million kids to pray the rosary this year on Oct. 18.

No one should ever go hungry - yet millions do

There is one war we need to fight. For without our intervention countless people will suffer, and thousands of children will continue dying daily. The name of the enemy -- who deserves nothing less than total annihilation -- is world hunger!