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Celebrate Sunday Mass - 8.1.21

The video for Sunday's Mass will be made available on Sunday morning.

Will there be another COVID lockdown?

Concerns over the COVID Delta variant are growing as the virus spreads across the United States and the world. Many Catholics want to know if their parishes will remain open, and if another lockdown is coming.

Why are Alaska quakes so big?

On the night of July 28, 2021 a massive 8.2 magnitude quake rocked Alaska. It isn't the first such mega-quake, and it certainly won't be the last. Alaska is home to some of the world's biggest quakes, including an epic 9.2 quake that struck in 1964. What is happening up there?

Pope Francis: World Hunger is a 'a crime that violates basic human rights'

Pope Francis described world hunger on Monday as "a crime that violates basic human rights."

10 Reasons why Social Media is Bad for Everyone

For many people, social media is a fun place to be. It's where we show off, where we connect with friends and loved ones, and where we sometimes meet new people and discover new interests. But all this comes with a price. Social media has a dark side which troubles many, including safety and privacy experts. Knowing what we know, should we still be on social media?

'What do I bring to Jesus today?'

With our small offering, Jesus can do great things, just like when he multiplied five loaves and three fishes to feed thousands, Pope Francis said Sunday.

Celebrate Sunday Mass - 7.25.21

The video for this Sunday's Mass will be available to view on Sunday morning.

World's worst humanitarian crisis

After six years of war, "Yemen remains the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe," according to the International Rescue Committee.

A Dark Reformation is Underway in the Church, but a Counter-Reformation is coming!

In 1517, Martin Luther unwittingly sparked the Protestant Reformation by issuing written protests to the practices of the Catholic Church. A profound tragedy unfolded as a result as the Church splintered and conflict erupted between Christians of different identities. In response, the Church launched the Counter-Reformation to reform clerical excess and affirm the core tenets of the Catholic faith. Today, a similar dynamic is at work as there are those working to splinter the Church, and those ...

Traditionis custodes: Catholics' passionate reactions to restrictions flood the internet

New Vatican restrictions on extraordinary form Masses elicited passionate responses from Catholics nearly as soon as the motu proprio was published shortly after noon Rome time on Friday.