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'A Society in Need of Healing': Bishops' powerful response to recent attacks on Catholic Churches

In light of the recent attacks on Catholic Churches in the United States, the leading bishops in the country have released a joint statement to respond to the vandalism.

Christians ordered to destroy crosses and images of Jesus in intense Chinese religious persecution

Officials in China have reportedly ordered several Christians to demolish crosses and remove images of Jesus from their churches and homes.

Paycheck Protection Program - Does the Church deserve aid?

There's a new controversy in the Catholic Church over the Paycheck Protection Program. Under the law, the Church received at least $1.4 billion in aid, much of it granted thanks to an exemption from the Trump administration. Some people are upset because a portion of the funds went to Diocese that recently paid out abuse settlements. Should the Church have received the money?

Celebrate Sunday Mass With Bishop Strickland - 7.19.20

The videos for Sunday's Mass will be available in English and Spanish on Sunday, July 19th.

Here's how you can get FAST answers to BIG Catholic questions you've always had

A new course featured on Catholic Online School is providing clear, concise answers to questions many Catholics have. Here's how you can take the course for FREE, starting NOW.

Virgin Mary statue BEHEADED: Catholic Churches and statues become targets of vandalism

Several attacks on Catholic Churches in the United States occurred over the weekend, including three separate instances of vandalism on a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

COVID-19 Vaccine in Final Testing Phase

The first of several COVID-19 vaccines tested in the USA has entered its final testing phase, after showing promising results in early trials. If successful, the vaccine could be administered early next year.

Hospital on the Water: 'Pope Francis' boat takes on Coronavirus outbreak in Amazon region

The "Pope Francis" hospital boat has been busy delivering vital medical aid to those struggling in rural communities during the coronavirus outbreak along the Amazon River.